Creating social media for the brands of Pillsbury and Old El Paso.

While responsible for creating the social graphics and campaign themes, I was also able to capture content. This included the photography, videography, and editing of the assets.

A charcuterie board filled with Halloween-themed Pillsbury products, called a 'charbooterie' board as a pun
The Pillsbury Doughboy wearing a scarf and earmuffs, popping out of a hole in the ground in celebration of Groundhog Day
The Pillsbury Doughboy wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, standing next to the words 'Enter to Win' for a contest to win a sweaterA photo of a buffalo crescent ring with a report card that gives the recipe an A+. The Pillsbury Doughboy is jumping for joy in the bottom right corner.
The Pillsbury Doughboy carved into a pumpkin
Halloween-themed finger sandwiches made to look like witches' fingers with painted nailsHalloween-themed hot dogs wrapped in dough to look like mummiesHalloween-themed orange cereal bar treats with cute eyes
A person holding an empty Old El Paso tortilla pocket over a table full of taco ingredients, with the words 'How will you tortilla pocket?'An Old El Paso tortilla pocket with cartoon bat wings for Halloween

Team: Kris Layher, Jake Blankenship, Levi Robert, Pierce Wiselogle, Nina Mendiola, Alicia Lyon

Art Director, Photography, Videography: Jess Keoshian