The following works were created from the years 2017-2019. Instead of collecting dust in our memories, they live here.
The leather industry is destructive and can take up to four animals to produce one leather good. The waste is immense, considering the same animals used for meat are not used for leather. 
Harvey's is the original seat belt bag, using recycled seat belts from old vehicles or manufacturing waste.
These hand-crafted animals are made of real seat belts, telling the story how seat belts save not only the lives of people, but animals as well.
Best of show Addy's AAF Greater Flint 2018, Gold student Addy 2018, D Show Student Award, 2017.
Runner's safety is often over looked, especially with city runners. 
By partnering with Lyft, Brooks is now integrated with the millions of online users. Runners can now run home safely by signaling a car to guide them to their destination. 
The tip function in the app is now integrated with Brooks E-Commerce for easy shopping of the latest Brooks gear.
Credits: Bree Boyer and Adrienne Endres
Dads are finally being thought of in the space of parenting, and the products that come along with the job. 
But where can dads change their babies when out in public? Public restrooms still lack inclusivity when it comes to having accessible changing tables in men's rooms. We redesigned the dreaded old school changing table and brought it into the tech-first century. 
The smart table integrates with the revamped Pamper's app to allow easy shopping for those 'oops' moments, moms and dads know too well. 
Dads are changing, so let them.
D Show Student Award, 2018.
Credits: Casey O'Brien and Reed Nowels 
In traditional Indian culture, women's health is extremely stigmatized. This carries throughout the world today. 
Thinx is reusable menstrual underwear that allows women to not only take control of their cycles, but be as discreet- or not- within their own limits. 
Credits: Madison Koster
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