Nice to meet you. Let's design something. Create something. Make ideas for something. Let's make something that lasts and makes some noise. 

I'm a strategic designer, art director, speech giver, and coffee drinker.
In my free time I love to paint, practice yoga, and like as many dog photos on instagram as I can. I grew up in the metro area of Detroit, Michigan with my grandparents. When I was younger, my grandma always knew that I would end up in a creative field. With all of the crafts that we did in preparation, I have found myself getting my start in design and marketing. My ultimate goal is to inspire someone who has the habit of hearing no for an answer, as it is said too often to those inspired in the arts. Let's chat, and get started on something great.
Jessica Keoshian
Phone: 734.558.5785
Thank you! I will be in touch soon.
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